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Private users can register for free and enter their ad (which will be on the platform for 1 year).

In case you want to have a featured ad (and therefore more visible) or publish up to 10 ads (with 3 in evidence) the solution is to choose the Basic or Premium solution (with a minimum annual cost)

Here is the detail:

# Package name Price Free property activation Days limit Listings limit (num) Free featured limit
1 Free   0.00 EUR 365 1 0
2 Basic   5.00 EUR 365 1 1
3 Premium   10.00 EUR 365 10 3



To enter your holiday homes you need to access the Agency/Host package (in the previous screen): it's free for 1 house.

It will be possible to manage, for each structure, the booking calendar, and also receive payments directly on your paypal account (without any commission from BusqueCasa).

This is a unique service on the world scene!

Please contact us for more information.